Corneille - 2 μεγάλες πλάκες με κόκκινο "φωτιά" πουλί

Corneille - 2 μεγάλες πλάκες με κόκκινο "φωτιά" πουλί
Ολλανδία - 1975-1999 - Κεραμικό

Both plates are beautifully decorated with a red 'firebird'.
The plates are signed on both the front and the back.
Measurements of both plates: diameter of 30 cm.

This depiction is very representative of what Corneille has
created from the 1960s until the end of his career.
The style of his designs became more lyrical from that time forward,
with a figurative character and large colour sections.
With it, he let the fans of his art join in on the experiences he gained in South America, the United States and Central Africa.

Together with Appel and Constant, Corneille was co-founder of the 'Experimentele Groep [Experimental Group] in Holland' (1948), which would later be merged into the CoBrA group. In 1950 Cornelis Guillaume Beverloo, as he was named at birth in 1922 in Liège, settled down in Paris.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
2 μεγάλες πλάκες με κόκκινο "φωτιά" πουλί
Designer/ Artist
Μεσαιωνική μοντέρνα
Estimated Period
Country of Origin
Good condition - used with small signs of aging & blemishes
3×30×30 cm
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