Italy - Italy - Medaglia "Millennium" 1997 - Χρυσός

Italy - Italy - Medaglia "Millennium" 1997 - Χρυσός
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Struck in 1997 by I.P.Z.S. 7,000 pieces made.

Created by the artist Laura Cretara, it has twenty sides which represent the centuries, from the birth of Christ to 2000.

Obverse: the hands represent the millenniums and protect the star, in the centre of a constellation.

Reverse: the world, with the words "2000 - III Millennio", radiating from which are two bands: at the top "The Infinitely Great", represented by a star as a symbol of the Universe. At the bottom, "The Infinitely Small", represented by a DNA helix. Around, there are 5 doves joined together at the wings, as a sign of Peace between populations.

Original case, certificate of guarantee/authenticity and gemmological analysis.

Gold: 917/1000.
Diameter: 35 mm.
Weight: 31.1 g.
Diamond cut: brilliant.
Clarity: IF-VVS.
Colour grade: 'G' (extra white), carat weight: 0.15.

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Italy - Italy
Ονομαστική Αξία 2
Medaglia "Millennium"
Έτος / Περίοδος και Παραλλαγή
Πολύτιμα μέταλλα
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