Bici senza pedali - Canguro - Ποδήλατο τσίρκου - 1977

Bici senza pedali - Canguro - Ποδήλατο τσίρκου - 1977

Rare Canguro bicycle without pedals, built in Milan in the 1970s and 1980s (see Eurobox leaflet - this won’t be included in the shipping). The bike has been never restored and is excellently preserved. It shows the original decals in good conditions. Never used on road: it’s always been displayed in a sporting goods store. Michelin original rubber wheels, made in France. The movement of the bike is through a boost and the eccentric hub of the rear wheel helps this movement. The eccentric hub, that is not mounted in the centre of the wheel, allows the driver to run using leg muscle pumping. The same thing you do in the PumpTrack technique.
The rider stands on the platform during the movement
and pushes to start, then panders to the movement.
The bike has front brake, eccentric hub in the rear wheel, footrest and side stand.
The paint is original and has some chips and flakes, as shown by pictures. There’s also a flaw (a small bulge of the paint) at the top of rear wheel cover. The stand works well as well as the original brake lever. The original bell has lost its lever.
Wheel dimensions: front 20"X1.75 - rear 15"X1.75
Stainless steel Maccari Turin rims. Advertisement prints are not included in the shipping.
Pick up on site is preferred. Shipping to islands requires extra costs: please ask before bidding. Photos are an integral part of the description.

Location; San Giovanni La Punta CT, Italy

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Bici senza pedali
Κατηγορία ποδηλάτων
Ποδήλατο τσίρκου
Έτος κατασκευής
Βρίσκεται στην περιοχή
Μέτρο Διαστάσεων
H 105cm, L 130cm, larghezza pedana 28cm, peso 18kg
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