Alfa Romeo - 75 America - 1988

Alfa Romeo - 75 America - 1988
Μπορεί να παραληφθεί από: Ολλανδία - με ολλανδική εγγραφή - 180815 km - 3 - In good condition, visibile signs of wear and general age

An Alfa Romeo 75 3.3 by Savali V6 America

Original Dutch car

Year of manufacture: 1988

Inspection or Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection (MOT): No valid Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection 12th October 2018

Documents: Dutch documents

Transmission: Manual transmission.

Engine: 6-Cylinder, 3.3 litres, (V6)

Fuel: Petrol.

Colour: Red Alfa Rosso A.R. 555

Mileage: 180,815 Km (read), including an accurate Dutch National Carpass (NAP) report!

Condition of maintenance: The car has been neatly maintained, the engine runs well and the gearbox shifts well.

Condition of paintwork: Paintwork in a good overall condition, is an older paint job but in a neat condition and partially original paint.

Interior condition: The interior is in good condition, the headlining has slightly sagged.

Options: Tuned by Savali from 3.0 litre to 3.3 litre 265 HP.

Its maintenance history:

5 km - Delivered new on 02-12-1988 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
1,285 km - Serviced on 14-12-1988 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
23,501 km - Serviced on 17-10-1989 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
33,621 km - Serviced on 05-03-1990 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
70,245 km - Serviced on 02-09-1991 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
83,067 km - Serviced on 24-01-1992 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
94,070 km - Serviced on 10-06-1992 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
132,977 km - Serviced on 15-03-1994 by Firm Ophorst & Kammerman
174,716 km - Serviced on 06-04-2005 by Vd. Zee Alfa Specialist
179,325 km - Serviced on 06-07-2015 by “Autobedrijf J. Jespers”
179,790 km - Serviced on 07-07-2016 by “Autobedrijf J. Jespers”
180,225 km - Serviced on 31-10-2017 by AD “Autobedrijf” Alfa Specialist
180,458 km - Serviced on 05-07-2018 by La Scuderia

The car can be viewed and picked up in Musselkanaal, the Netherlands.

Viewing is possible Monday through Saturday, from 8:30 - 17:00! It is recommended to view the car before bidding. The vehicle must be picked up within 4 weeks after the closing date of the auction, storage costs will be charged after this period. Export costs to be paid by the buyer!

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Alfa Romeo
Τύπος μοντέλου
75 America
Τύπος αυτοκινήτου
Χιλιομετρική απόσταση
180815 km
Διαθέσιμα δικαιολογητικά εγγραφής
με ολλανδική εγγραφή
3 - Good condition: visible signs of wear and general aging
Horse Power
Cubic capacity
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