Coro New York Επιχρυσωμένο Coro Pegasus - Βραχιόλι

Coro New York Επιχρυσωμένο Coro Pegasus - Βραχιόλι
μέγεθος: 19 cm - Total weight: 71 g

Wonderful light gold-coloured bracelet by Coro, 1950–1955 period.

Condition: very good condition.
Weight: 71 grams.
Length: 19 cm.
Width of the bracelet: 3 cm.
Signed 'Coro' with the Pegasus mark.

The Coro company was founded by Emanuel Cohn and Gerard Rosenberg.
The company existed from 1901 until 1979.

It started as a little shop in New York and grew to become the biggest manufacturer of costume jewellery in America.
The craftsmanship of the designers and the quality of the jewellery is very good! And some of the jewellery is unbelievably beautiful!

Will be shipped packaged with care.

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Επιχρυσωμένο Coro Pegasus
Coro New York
19 cm
Total Weight
71 g
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