LM - Skelettierte Silberkreuz-Taschenuhr - Άνδρες - Frankreich 1870

LM - Skelettierte Silberkreuz-Taschenuhr - Άνδρες - Frankreich 1870
Κουρδιστό - Ασημί - Χάραξη χεριών - κύρια εργασία - κλειδί ανελκυστήρα

Christian collector's watch with a beautiful shape in excellent condition.

Interesting pocket watch in the shape of a cross - silver liquid-tested at least 0.800 silver.

Front side has skeletisation. Depiction of apostles on the right and left - on top is the depiction on an angel - below is a crucifixion scene. Silver ring with inset glass. Beautiful handicraft.

Set into the middle is the timepiece. Enamel dial - Roman numerals and dot minute scale running around the outside with Arabic numerals in sets of 5. Playful, filigree steel hands - gold-coloured.

All sides have a smooth design.

The back side can fold up. Signed inside with LM. Designed with red fabric.

Day pocket watch with anchor escapement below dust protection. Not signed.

Lift and hand placement from the back.

Old winding key is included.

Fine edge engraving no the front and back side.

Movement in working order.

Dial diameter 25 mm - cross height 80 mm - with eyelet 100 - width 60 mm. Weight with chain 92 g

Interesting collector's watch in very good condition.

Pictures are part of the description.

Insured shipment with Austrian Post AG. (Insured shipment with Austrian postal service)

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Skelettierte Silberkreuz-Taschenuhr
Frankreich 1870
Υλικό θήκης
Ποιότητα Υλικού
Χάραξη χεριών - κύρια εργασία - κλειδί ανελκυστήρα
Τύπος αντικειμένου
Ρολόι τσέπης
Ασφαλισμένη αποστολή
Φορεμένο με ελαφριά σημάδια χρήσης
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