Shure - SM58 dynamische zangmicrofoon - Μικρόφωνο

Shure - SM58 dynamische zangmicrofoon - Μικρόφωνο
Brand New - Αριθμός αντικειμένων: 1 - Συμπεριλαμβανομένων: Μικρόφωνο - Soft case, σφιγκτήρα μικροφώνου

The SM58 is the ideal choice for a professional singer for any live performance. It is tuned in such a way that the warmth and brightness of the lead and backing vocals are accentuated. Even in extreme circumstances, the SM58 is able to highlight the most important sound source and minimising background noise at the same time. The SM58 is also very loved among DJs and presenters in clubs in small and large venues. Durable construction, a proven shockmount system and steel grille ensure that the SM58, even when it is used incorrectly, will deliver a construction performance inside and outside.
Bright high tones and a bass filter which brings out the highs.

Frequency range: 50Hz - 15,000Hz
Internal shockmount which prevents interfering noises
Robust metal construction
Internal pop filter

Included accessories:
The SM58 is supplied including a shockmount and handy pouch.

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SM58 dynamische zangmicrofoon
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Brand New
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Soft case, σφιγκτήρα μικροφώνου
1 kg
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