La Fontaine de la Pouyade - Miniature - Grande Champagne Cognac, 1er Cru - 5cl

La Fontaine de la Pouyade - Miniature - Grande Champagne Cognac, 1er Cru - 5cl
Cognac - 40%

The Fontaine de la Pouyade Cognac, belongs to the fourteenth generation of the Plantevigne-Dubosquet family to date. It is the name reserved for the best cognac selected by the current descendant of the family. 1713 .only one quality is produced by the house, in cimanella small niche of Grande Champagne.The special care lasts every phase of its processing to ensure the high quality in the knot to reach the top for refinement.This exceptional Cognac after a long period of aging leads tapex the olfactory and gustatory senses. Distillation is performed according to unique ancestral and secret processes.
LA FONTAINE ,, during the tasting, it will present a harmonious range of aromas of spices, candied fruit, iris and violet, characteristic of the Grande Champagne.
bottle in precious Baccarat crystal, capped and sealed with wax, label plated with 24-carat gold .

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Spirits type
Distillery/ brand
La Fontaine de la Pouyade
Name/ edition
Miniature - Grande Champagne Cognac, 1er Cru
Grande Champagne
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Alcohol %
Intact Box, Intact capsule, Intact labels
Original packaging
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