Alain Davie - Olympiade Munich - 1972

Alain Davie - Olympiade Munich - 1972
Αφίσα - Αθλητισμός, Τέχνη, που έχει υπογραφεί στην πινακίδα - Γαλλία

Davie was born in Grangemouth in 1920 and studied at Edinburgh College of Art in the late 1930s. An early exhibition of his work came through the Society of Scottish Artists.

After the Second World War, Davie played tenor saxophone in the Tommy Sampson Orchestra, which was based in Edinburgh but broadcast and toured in Europe. Davie travelled widely and in Venice became influenced by other painters of the period, such as Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock and Joan Miró, as well as by a wide range of cultural symbols. In particular, his painting style owes much to his affinity with Zen. Having read Eugen Herrigel's book Zen in the Art of Archery (1953) he assimilated the spontaneity which Zen emphasises.

Olympic Games 1972 Munich

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Alain Davie
Poster title
Olympiade Munich
Αθλητισμός, που έχει υπογραφεί στην πινακίδα, Τέχνη
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