Frapin - Fontpinot XO - 35cl, 70cl - 4 μπουκαλιών

Frapin - Fontpinot XO - 35cl, 70cl - 4 μπουκαλιών
Cognac - 41%

Cognac Frapin : Fontpinot XO
Grande Champagne : Premier Grand Cru
4 bottles : 2x 35 cl + 2x 70 cl

They possess two estates, both in the grande champagne area: Gabloteaux and Font Pinot. Frapin possesses 740 acres (approx. 300 hectare) vineyard, the biggest vineyard of the grande champagne, more than twenty times the size of an average vineyard.

Almost all of the vineyard is ugni blanc. Harvesting is early, often a week before the other vignerons start.
New casks of Limousin oak are being used during the first year.

They have several chais with different temperatures and humidity to choose from according to their development.

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Spirits type
Distillery/ brand
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Fontpinot XO
Grande Champagne
Αριθμός φιαλών σε μια παρτίδα, διαφορετικός του 1
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35cl, 70cl
Alcohol %
Original packaging
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