Andy Warhol (after) - Marilyn Monroe, 1967 - 1993

Andy Warhol (after) - Marilyn Monroe, 1967 - 1993
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Lithograph by Andy Warhol Marylin Monroe fuchsia colour

Stunning and realistic colours. Original lithograph printed on thick and glossy paper, published by Authorized by the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Fuchsia Marylin Monroe 1967 original print. Authorised by the Andy Warhol Foundation. Copyright 1993
Published by Achenback Art Edition, Dusseldolf Neus Publishing Company. All rights reserved. Printed in Germany. Identification number: 3-8238-8815-3

Excellent condition!
Dimensions: 97 cm x 97 cm

Made of the best quality. It is very wanted by collectors. This item is sold in luxury art galleries and museum galleries, in the case it can be found.

A traceable shipment will be made, with a very resistant packaging that guarantees the arrival of the package in excellent condition.

Andrew Warhola (Pittsburgh 6th of August, 1928 – New York 22nd of February, 1987), commonly known as Andy Warhol, was an American plastic artist and filmmaker who played a crucial role in the birth and development of pop art. After a successful career as a professional illustrator, Warhol became world famous for his work in painting.

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Andy Warhol (after)
Poster title
Marilyn Monroe, 1967
A (excellent - mint condition)
97×97 cm
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