2017 Kellerie Terlan - Pinot Bianco Vorberg - Alto Adige Reserva - 3 Bottles (0.75L)

2017 Kellerie Terlan - Pinot Bianco Vorberg - Alto Adige Reserva - 3 Bottles (0.75L)
White wine - Ιταλία - 95/100 points, Robert Parker

The Pinot Bianco Vorberg comes from the experience and passion of the producers of the Cantina Terlano, a modern winery located in the hills west of Bolzano. Rudi Kofler, is the young and capable winemaker of the winery, assisted by the agronomist Norbert Spitaler. To ensure a high level of quality they decided to adjust production towards a more natural approach, so, it was banned chemical weeding and the winery is willing to follow a substantially organic management. The vineyards are steep, located in a strip of sun-kissed side wedged between the river St. Peter and the ria Meltina, an area that begins at the foot of Mount Socket and extends over 900 meters above sea level. This strip of land is called Vorberg since ancient times, and it is absolutely amazing for some white grape varieties such as Pinot Blanc, which in these lands reaches peaks unimaginable elsewhere. This volcanic terroir, sandy and pebbly gives a "fighting spirit" and a very special flavor, the wine expresses a rich and varied bouquet and intriguing aromas, fruity and harmonious, and an aromatic flavor, distinctly mineral. A full wine, complex and elegant, with great aging potential, able to travel through time with ease giving great emotions.

Λεπτομέρειες παρτίδας
Mixed lot
White wine
Kellerie Terlan - Pinot Bianco Vorberg
Number of bottles
Μέγεθος μπουκαλιού
Bottles (0.75L)
Alto Adige
Fill Level
Bordeaux bottle type, very top shoulder fill level
Label Condition
Fully intact, readable label
Critic Score
95/100 points, Robert Parker
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