Luigi Tega, Lamantea, Pianogrillo, Agostini, Terre Francescane - Extra virgin olive oil - 5 - 500ml

Luigi Tega, Lamantea, Pianogrillo, Agostini, Terre Francescane - Extra virgin olive oil - 5 - 500ml
Altro - Απουλία, Μάρκε, Ούμπρια, Σικελία - Ιταλία

Mixed lot composed of five (5) 500-ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil, by the following producers:

1) MOLINO IL FATTORE ‘OLIO DEL CARDINALE’, 500-ml bottle, Umbria - Italy.
It is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from olives of Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino cultivars, hand-picked and pressed right after in the company mill within 24 hours. The processing is done using depression brakes in the absence of oxygen.
Olive variety: Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino.
Type: medium fruity with hints of exotic fruit, pine nuts notes, broom flowers and yellow fruit with balanced bitter and spicy hints.
Pairings: perfect seasoning for sea starters, salmon carpaccio, fresh salads, roasted fish, grilled white meats.

2) AZIENDA AGRICOLA LAMANTEA ‘ZERO 1’, 500-ml bottle, Apulia - Italy.
The ‘Gourmet’ collection is the excellence of the Lamantea selection. For this absolutely high-quality extra virgin olive oil, the finest olives of the entire harvest are chosen. ‘Gourmet’ oils are bottled only at the time of sale, in special dark glass bottles, to preserve all the features of the oil and its organoleptic qualities.
Extra virgin olive oil 100% Coratina, medium fruity.

3) AZIENDA AGRICOLA PIANOGRILLO ‘PARTICELLA 34’, 500-ml bottle, Sicily - Italy.
PARTICELLA 34 CRU, extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Tonda Iblea oil cultivar for manual cropping. Medium fruity. Colour: yellow/green. Hint of freshly cut grass and tomato leaf. Contained acidity within 0.2. Milling with continuous-cycle cold system.

4) FRANTOIO AGOSTINI ‘CLASSICO’, 500-ml bottle, Marche - Italy.
Olive variety: blend of the best cultivars typical of Marche.
Type: medium fruity.
Food pairings: it is a very versatile extra virgin oil to be consumed raw for all uses in the kitchen, for mayonnaise, fish and pastry.

5) TERRE FRANCESCANE ‘L’ITALIANO’, 500-ml bottle, Umbria - Italy.
‘In the green heart of Italy, for more than four hundred years we have been passionate about growing and harvesting olives that grow on the rocky hills of Umbrian soils.’
Olive variety: Leccino, Ogliarola, Frantoio, Coratina and others.
Type: medium fruity.
Pairings: this oil is particularly suitable for seasoning white meat, mozzarella and tomatoes, fish and boiled vegetables.

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Τύπος λαδιού/ξυδιού
Έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο
Ονομασία παραγωγού
Luigi Tega, Lamantea, Pianogrillo, Agostini, Terre Francescane
Προστατευόμενη ονομασία προέλευσης (ΠΟΠ)
Απουλία, Μάρκε, Ούμπρια, Σικελία
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