Terre Francescane - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500ml

Terre Francescane - Extra virgin olive oil - 6 - 500ml
Varie - Ούμπρια - Ιταλία

Six 500-ml ceramic bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil inspired by the Song of Creatures of St. Francis of Assisi: 2 FRATE SOLE, 2 SORELLA LUNA and 2 IL PELLEGRINO, produced by TERRE FRANCESCANE, UMBRIA - ITALY.

The special edition ‘CERAMICHE TAU’ packaged in ceramic bottles consists of three lines of extra virgin olive oil, 100% Italian, obtained from different cultivars that characterize the Italian territory. Their name is inspired by the ‘Canticle of the Creatures’ of St. Francis of Assisi, hence their names: FRATE SOLE is the black bottle; SORELLA LUNA is the white bottle; IL PELLEGRINO is the brown bottle.
On each bottle there’s a lace with a pendant made from olive wood in the shape of the Tau.

FRATE SOLE: intense fruity oil that combines with red meats and strong flavours.
SORELLA LUNA: it is a delicate fruity oil to season grilled fish, white meats and to be used for frying.
IL PELLEGRINO: it is a medium fruity oil as a dressing for rich salads and soups.

COLLECT THE GREEN, LIVE GREEN, THINK GREEN! Ceramic bottle recyclable as decanter for water, flower holder or as the base of a lamp. Be Creative! Think Green!

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Terre Francescane
Προστατευόμενη ονομασία προέλευσης (ΠΟΠ)
Κατάσταση της φιάλης
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