Vanini - Extra virgin olive oil - 3 - 1 x 5lt, 2 x 500ml

Vanini - Extra virgin olive oil - 3 - 1 x 5lt, 2 x 500ml
Altro - Λομβαρδία - Ιταλία

This lot includes one 5L can and two 500ml bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by PREMIATO OLEIFICIO VANINI OSVALDO, LOMBARDY - ITALY.

In one of the most picturesque and delicious region in the world, the heart of the Lake Como area, you will find the olive groves from the northernmost crops of this kind. The first settlements were made by Greek slaves attending the Romans, and the particular sweetness of the lake climate allowed the spread of the crop over a fairly large area.
It is therefore a crop full of traditions, and the oil produced is always appreciated for its typicality, linked both to the latitude and to the presence of fine cultivars such as Frantoio, an esteem that also came from Queen Theodelinda who demanded it for her canteen.
Its clean aroma of olive, its slightly and pleasantly fruity flavour with a hint of artichoke and sweet almond and that touch of spicy, give it a character that is difficult to compare even with other northern olive-growing areas. The recognitions and appreciation that comfort their work day by day, make the F.lli Vanini continue with passion and enthusiasm the noble tradition of the Lario oil. This ancient tradition is now carried on in Lenno, in the oil mill of the Vanini brothers. It is a long history olive growers that of the Vanini family, which began in 1850.

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1 x 5lt, 2 x 500ml
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